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Asphalt SealCoating Protection Services, Parking Lot Striping, Hot Crack Filling, Asphalt Installation & Repair in East Texas


Asphalt, being a product of petroleum, is broken down by the sun, oil and gas leakage from autos, and weather. SealCoating seals the Asphalt to reduce the natural deterioration and shrinkage of pavement which results in cracking and potholes.

Parking Lot Striping

SouthWest Paving Company only uses the finest Striping Paint, provided by Kelly-Moore. Full Design and Parking Lot Striping, Parking Lot Re-Striping, including Custom Stencil Designs and application is one of our trademarks.

Asphalt Pavement Repairs

From Asphalt Pot Hole Repair to full Asphalt Overlay and New Parking Lot Installation, Southwest Paving Company will add years of service life to you Asphalt Pavement facilities.

Why Choose Us?


Customer Service

No matter how busy we are, we offer prompt responses to all inquiries. If we are unavailable when you call, leave a message and we promise to get in touch with you by the next business day.

Attention to Detail

We focus on our prep work so that the finished product lasts for many years, so we rarely have to deal with callbacks.

Accurate Estimates

We stand by our estimates throughout each job. Our proposals are more than just estimates—they are promises.

Owned and Operated by East Texans

At Southwest Paving Company we concentrate our sales and service to Asphalt SealCoating, Parking Lot Striping and Traffic Control Design and Layout. These services include complete Pavement Maintenance from the initial Asphalt Parking Lot Installation, Overlays, Base Reconstruction and Asphalt Repair. We also provide commercial grade hot rubberized Crack Filling to repair, protect and extend the service life of all types of pavement.

We extend discounts to multi-project chain store and apartment maintenance companies who need professional SealCoating, Rubberized Hot Crack Filling, Pothole Repair, Parking Facility Maintenance and Custom Layout and Parking Lot Striping.

Southwest Paving Company serves commercial and residential customers in Longview, Tyler, Henderson, Palestine, Jacksonville and all of East Texas

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